Aug 26, 2015

Life Lately {Space Saving Dog Food & Water Station}

Boy oh boy was it was time for a dog food and water bowl area makeover.

It wasn't that the area was terrible to look at or anything, well, it kinda was. I just knew it could somehow be....better. So I enlisted the help of my dad, the master builder, to help me make my vision come to life. I wanted Josie (our pup) to have access to her food and water bowl but I wanted it to be disguised in a really cool way. One that didn't scream dog food! Dog toys! General mess!

Our kitchen and dining room are open but small. Having a cluttered corner was an eyesore. We really needed some storage for the large food bucket, toys, and her bandanna wardrobe of course!

 Here is what Josie's corner of the kitchen looked like before:

I knew there was a better way...and I knew Josie wanted more.

I sketched out a rough and I mean rough draft of what I wanted. I knew I wanted the food and water tray to be hidden away when Josie wasn't using it. I also wanted a lot of storage. This is what my dad came up with!

I haven't found the perfect bowls to fit the space! For now, unfortunately, I'm having to use some plastic tupperware "bowls" for her. I'll keep looking for the perfect set.

It got the seal of approval!

Thanks Dad!


skippy haha said...

perfect post for National Dog Day! and your dad needs to take that show on the road - that is really sweet - chaching!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

I wish I could say I knew that it was National Dog Day! WHY did I not?! Lol

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