Jun 1, 2015

Weekend Instagram Recap Girl

Hi! Happy Monday. I'm choosing to relive the weekend via my instagram instead! We ate lots of good food and soaked in some sunshine at the Beer City Festival. Here's what I wore, what I ate and what I drank! 

Thursday night we attended the Asheville Grit 1st Anniversary party. We had a blast and ended up getting to spend some more time with a fellow blogger that we had met only a few brief times before. Selfie sticks were laying on the tables so we could take lots of selfies! I got to talk to everyone that I wanted to connect with. I am NOT a social butterfly and it takes every ounce of courage I have to start a conversation. I had a huge headache by the end of the night because my stress level was through the roof. I know, I know, NERD alert! But the more I put myself in these situations the better. Maybe someday I'll quit acting like such a dork. Probably not.

 We decided to make dinner plans with our new found blogging friend Joseph for Friday night so we could continue the fun. We went to The Junction, a restaurant in the River Arts District. I got the Shrimps N' Grits which was actually prawns. We also had a delicious meat and cheese tray and skillet cornbread. YUMS.

I've been on a new kick lately of ordering "mock"tails at dinner so I can still enjoy a delicious drink just without the alcohol. The bartender made me a delightful rose water, lemon, fizzy concoction. It was the prettiest little shade of pink!

We went over to Buffalo Nickel in West Asheville and had a few more drinks. Unfortunately the bartender did not produce a good mocktail there so no photos, sorry. It was probably my fault because I didn't ask for "bartender's choice" and tried to wing it myself by just choosing one of the house cocktails - just leave out the booze. Wrong idea. Just let them make something. They're the pro. I did have a delicious creme brulee that I should've taken a picture of but stuffed it in my face too fast! Dessert freak!

On Saturday mom and I drove out to Rosman for a birthday part for my cousin's little boy. I always LOVE spending time with my family that I don't get to see enough! I wish I lived closer to my cousins and my aunt! After the party I came back to Asheville to meet up with the hubs at the Beer City Festival. The little beer cup was so tiny compared to my man's huge beard. Lol. I didn't drink but I did enjoy some pizza and live music. The people watching was spectacular! 

Speaking of people watching...it was prom night too! I went to the fence of the festival to take this photo. I loved seeing the gals dressed to the nines. Look at that hot pink poofy dress! 

What I was wearing was far from a hot pink poofy dress! I dressed for comfort and coolness from the heat.

I picked up this tee shirt and cutoffs at a college yard sale that was....FREE! Yes. Free. That's my kind of shopping. The tee shirt was fairly plain so I chopped it up and slashed the back. I took a few inches off of the shorts too. Here's the back of the shirt!

I am in LOVE with my "new-to-me" tee shirt. I couldn't have asked for a more worn in, soft, old tee. 

Later that night we grabbed dinner at Thai Orchid - our favorite Thai place. Have you ever had Thai Iced Tea? It's SO good. Yuuummmm

Of course I can never pass up a dumpling! Are you kidding me man?! For my entree I had Pad Thai and tore into it before I got a photo! I really should branch out and try something different but why mess with perfection! 

No photos from Sunday because all my lazy butt did was binge watch season 1 &2 of Entourage!

It's Monday now so whether you had a good weekend or a crappy one it's a new week! 


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