Jun 5, 2015

Life Lately {Punk Hair}

I know I am so far behind the times it's ridiculous but sometimes things that have been around for a while that I didn't really pay any attention to in the beginning suddenly and quickly strike me as freaking awesome.

 This time it's the side shaved hairstyle or an "Undercut".

I caught a glimpse of Demi Lovato lately and I've been obsessed with her look. "Where have you been?!" you are screaming to me right now.

I know, I know. I'm not saying I haven't SEEN an undercut on many a fine lady but I've just never looked twice at it ya know? Maybe it's because I loved Mad Max Fury Road so much...Charlize shaved her head for that one. 

But really it was Demi that caught my eye. Beautiful yet edgy, right?

Here's her long hair version

Now I know she has been sporting this look forever and recently it looks like she is growing out her side shave. Oh well! I TOLD you I am 5 years behind the mark on everything!

Since the only thing I know to do with an obsession is to spend insurmountable time on the internet digging up more eye candy to ogle at, I thought what the heck. I'm so deep at this point. I should do a round up of some other women - some famous, some not - that have been rocking this style. Just to soothe the ole' nerves.

Here's what I can do NOW to curb the desire to take my husband's trimmers to my noggin.

 Since I don't drink and can't do three shots of tequila to get up the nerve to shave my head, a faux shave by using braids or some other little tricky trick can work.

A) When does Kristen NOT win at everything?
B) I loved her in Still Alice. See it. Now.

Tutorial on how to get this shiz done!

I'm the first to admit I'm not the best at braids. Here are a few "tuck it" methods. I've had moderate success with the tuck it method if I do say so myself.

Alright! I need to get started on this! I'll be sure to take pics of whatever I come up with. Hopefully a winner.

Have you tried any of these faux undercut tricks? Do you have a side shave?


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