Aug 19, 2013

Tie Dyed Girl

Dress: NY&Co (was all white), Sandals: Target

This is my first attempt at tie dye! It wasn't really the success I was hoping it would be, but I did pick a dress that had a TON of material to it which was really my downfall. There is a built in liner underneath so there are two skirts and then the fact that it is floor length just added to the struggle. I did the roll/stripe method. If you can even tell. I rolled the garment horizontally and then added string (rubber bands couldn't hold the heavy amount of fabric) every few inches or so. I squirted the dye on and around the parts that I tied with string. 

The first attempt didn't really get the bottom of the dress as much as I wanted. I had rolled it up from the bottom to the top. The second time I dyed it I rolled it from the top towards the bottom. Much better! It still isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it will do!

I did end up with some really cool patterns. A bit of a Rorschach test maybe? A butterfly...a
crime scene...a far away solar system...

This was the dress I wore when we I took our engagement photos on the beach. So it was nice to be able to repurpose it into something "new" to me. It did feel a bit wedding when it was all white but now I can explore a bit more of a hippie vibe when I feel like it.



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