Aug 29, 2013

All Dressed Up Girl

Top & Dress: Modcloth, Sandals & Belt: Thrifted

I was at the grocery store today and noticed the lady behind me looked just like the old mom from the original Psycho movie. The gray hair pulled back in the bun, the long dress, the glasses. All I could hear is Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates saying, "Mother!". I think maybe if you walk out of the house and you ask someone, "First impression, who do I look like?" and it ends up being someone that plays a dead person then, well, you are more adventourous then me. Although something tells me that might not have been what this little lady was going for. Bless it.
On another note, this day I felt like dressing up and getting a little frilly. All in the name of enjoying the last few days of summer.



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