Jan 5, 2013


Unexpected break from blogging, huh? December is not my favorite month and I feel like I am just now coming out from the fog of the holidays. Anyway...sometime before the holidays I noticed how I was on repeat at choosing very comfortable outfits to wear each day. That attitude coupled with the stress of the holidays led me to start looking at my wardrobe and really considering what I wanted to keep and what needed to go. Slowly, I started to gather up a dress here, a tee shirt there and before I knew it I had four or five garbage bags full that were on their way to be donated. Then came the shoes. I have probably cut my shoe collection in half. Let's just say, someone has been hitting pay dirt at the Goodwill finding all of the shoes I have donated. Some I had barely even worn, some were worn but maybe once or twice. Most were shoes that I were tired of suffering in. I'm done with feeling uncomfortably dressed, walking in uncomfortable shoes or being too cold because of poor fabric choices. SO, I say all of that why? Well, I don't know really. Basically I have simplified. I am getting back to the basics. 

I found some basic skirts and what not at the thrift and consignment shops and I have been looking at how to spice them up with some DIY. I have been searching and looking for appliques. I found some very cute ideas on Pinterest of course and some nice ones on Etsy too. 

Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Jessica on Pinterest


rlutz said...

I cannot wait to see what you do with your new paired down wardrobe!!

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