Jan 18, 2013

Green Repeat Girl

After 5 days of rain I am exposing my pasty pale face to some sunshine. It feels pretty good I gotta tell ya. I haven't been able to grab a lot of pics because of the sloppy weather. Maybe in my next photos I won't be wearing green crochet. I do own other types of clothing surprisingly enough. I even got all gussied up on Wednesday for a conference at work and didn't even get a photo. Needless to say I was ready to take off the high heels at 10am. I have gotten accustomed to my flat boots in my old age.

My aunt posted on facebook the best description of how we were all feeling:



Eartha Kitsch said...

I love this combo of green and brown and that sweater is so great! It's been raining and forever and ever (and ever) here too. Done with it..totally done.

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