Nov 13, 2011

Fur Boots Girl (With a DIY)

Dress: Thrifted, Sweater & Tights: ModCloth, Scarf: Gift, Boots: Old and redesigned by me!

I had a terribly old pair of plain, knee high brown boots that hadn't seen the light of day in years. Years! I got the idea to redesign them sometime last year when ankle boots started popping up everywhere. I had been scoping out faux fur on the internet, at the fabric shop and craft stores. I never could find exactly what I wanted. The fabric shop was waaay to expensive. Then this little light bulb went off one day at the Goodwill when I ran across a great faux fur vest that was too big for me to wear. Ah ha!! Hack it to pieces and glue it to those boring old boots! I got a lot of stares at work but all positive comments although I think some people thought I had two squirrels around my ankles. I made barking and growling noises just to throw them off. At least they are fun to wear and only cost $12 to make - no real commitment!

This isn't a step-by-step how to or anything because I basically winged it the whole way! But I started out with a cheap pair of boots, and old skinny belt, and a thrifted vest:

I cut the belt to where I could wrap it and tie it around each boot

 I cut off about 4 inches off the top of each boot, folded it down and hot glued the fur on. The fur strips I cut were about 6 inches long and about 4 inches wide. Like I said, I didn't know if this was going to work so I just kept on trimming until I got it the length and width I wanted it. It was a bit messy so I cut the fur outside. I wrapped the belt around and tied a knot on the inside. You don't really need the belt, but I thought it added a bit of interest.


skippy haha said...

wow- nice job! those are bitchin! the two squirrels comment made me laugh :)

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