Nov 10, 2011

A Day at the Farm Girl

 We went to visit a friend that was house sitting for a couple that have a small farm. Chickens, roosters, a million dogs (maybe nine, I think) and two horses. Oh, and one adorable cat. We had a great time grilling out and cracking open some growlers from the local brewery. The horses were very friendly and so was the cat. But one small disaster happened when one of the chickens got chased into the dog pen by our dog (not used to chickens) and got a little love tap from one of the huskies (their dog). I freaked out and froze! Thank God my friend came running because I didn't know how to get a dog to stop kissing the chicken. At least I like to think they were just kissing. The chicken was ok. Just lost a couple of feathers. But I felt like a loser since I didn't pull a superman move and save the day. Farm girl I am not.

 Jacket: Brian's old army jacket, Button up shirt: NY&Co, Jeans: Thrifted, Scarf: ? Hiking Boots: HiTec

Nice shoes!

hee hee - funny horse chewing

This guy was extremely cocky (HA!) He did not like me coming around. See that last look he's giving me?!

Sweetest cat ever

photos by Brian and me


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