Sep 22, 2011

Super Casual Girl

Jeans: Family Dollar, Suzuki Tee Shirt: Gift, Pink Tank Top: ?, Tennies: Converse

  Jeans and a tee shirt - sometimes you just gotta do it. My son and I took a few minutes to relax down at the lake. It was such a beautiful day. I hate to let those days go by without trying to soak up some sun. We played in the park, played near the lake and then I watched him play with some other kiddos while I got to play with the camera. All good! Why the Suzuki tee shirt? Brian and I love to go on road trips on the Suzuki. A tee shirt, converse and jeans are the perfect outfit to wear on the ride.


skippy haha said...

wooo hooo t-shirts! and parks full of scenic spendor!

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