Sep 14, 2011

Fair Fever!

The fam and I went to the fair last Saturday. The weather was per-fect. I had so much fun. I think I was more excited than anyone to go. I got so excited that I freaked out before we left trying to get everything packed and clothes on and Riley's clothes on and, well, everything! Brian had to tell me to take a deeeeep breath. Just as long as it's not around the petting zoo. Ha! Well, I think I took about one bajillion pictures but I'll just show the highlights. Come one Come all! Relive the fair!

Lots of beautiful handmade items

chair out of old ties!

First time I've ever seen a goat with an actual goat-tee (go-tee?)

His name was Cowboy

Having a bad hair day for sure


Learning said...

I love the goat ;).

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