Apr 15, 2010

Walker Texas Roadhouse, TR for short

Damn Texas Roadhouse. When I'm leaving work they are just getting their grills started for dinner. I'm walking out to my car, salivating over the smell of bbq ribs, steaks, chicken and lord knows what else they are slathering the sauce on down there. Baked potatoes....MAN! Not fair. Not fair. I get into my car knowing full well that what I will be eating shortly will consist of something wrapped in plastic that I have to nuke for 3 minutes or a cold bowl of crunchy cereal that I can't leave sitting for longer than 1 minute because it could fall victim to soggy monster. But, as soon as I get on the road and that smell leaves my nostrils I am onto other things...forgetting about that mouth watering, mind-altering state of starvation I was in a few seconds earlier.


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