Apr 16, 2010

Get your party on

Riley's 3rd birthday party is this Sunday. I am already exhausted just thinking about it. I need to fix 24 cupcakes. Riley wants to help put icing on them and then sprinkles. Don't forget the sprinkles mommy! Should be pretty fun. He loves to bake and I like being able to share that with him. He loves making his own eggs. Cracking the egg, stirring it with a fork, adding some shredded cheese and then I help him pour it in the pan. He makes great eggs!
Its those moments right before the party that gets a little wild. Getting everything set up, taped up, wrapped up. Set the punch out. I didn't do cake so that I wouldn't have to deal with forks and cutting cake. This way, everyone grabs a cupcake and enjoys. Might make some cookies too. Add more work to my list. Why not?
Well, he's excited. I'm excited. He keeps on asking me if his party is in 2 more minutes. No...2 more days. :)


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