Sep 23, 2009

Keep Your Eyes Off My Lunch, Weirdo

It never fails. She comes by and looks at my lunch every day. Hovers over my lunch is more like it. She offers her invaluable opinions about my chosen meal and what she thinks is important for me to hear...while I'm chewing. Yes. That's right, while I'm chewing. She even asks me questions. Not particularly rude questions, but still, these questions seem to burrow under my epidermis and squirm around causing my temperature to rise. Therefore disturbing my time of digestion. I do take my food seriously and I am a very open minded eater. I love to eat everything. I do not discriminate. Occasionally I will have a very smelly Indian meal that might cause one to stop, sniff and stare. I realize that. And I am asking for it when I bring a steamy, curry meal back to my desk. But does she have to stop and stare at my Lean Cuisine lasagna? PB&J? Is this new to her? Is she hungry? No. The answer is no to all of those questions. This is someone who has an affliction, a disease rather.

I will call her Crazy Lunch Ogler Lady. And will give her long, cold stares when she comes near my food.


skippy haha said...

this is hilarious! and kind of scary. i think she has some control issues with food- hope she doesn't have any daughters.

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