Jun 15, 2022

Shanghai Dumpling House Asheville NC

Remember when I told you a few months back that I planned to incorporate new food adventures in our homeschool year as a fun addition to those field trips that some kids like to call "boring" field trips? I wanted to try some new (to us) places around town that showcased different types of cuisines. Or at least ones that my 15 year old hadn't eaten.

Our 1st stop was at Aloha Cafe to try their poke bowls and they were WONDERFUL. 

Our 2nd stop on the Black Bear Academy Culinary Field Trip was Shanghai Dumpling House which was also WONDERFUL! Two for Two!

First up, Pork Steamed Buns

These were so very tasty. Thick dumplings with the most delicious sauce of the day.

Second was a classic dish of Pan Fried Chicken Dumplings. 

Probably the dumpling that is the crowd pleaser. I don't know how anyone could hate a fried dumpling.

And finally, Soup Dumplings! 
These packed a nice little surprise because when you bite into it, there is delicious broth inside the dumpling.

10/10 recommend!


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