Feb 9, 2016

Carolina Girl

We're a football family! If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm a Carolina Panthers fan. The husband and I are always watching the game or going to the Bank of America stadium to tailgate and watch games live. At the Atlanta Falcons game we went to with my cousin Emily and her husband, she was a genius and decided to go down to the end zone before the game started and low and behold there was Cam!!! We could've thrown him a ball he was that close! 

I'm not a bandwagon fan or a fair weather fan. I've been a Carolina Panthers fan since they were created as a team. I went to see them back in the nineties when they had to play at the Death Valley stadium in Clemson. Now we go to Clemson to watch the Tigers! I used to be just a die hard NFL girl but I have warmed up to college football over the years. A big part of my family pulls for the Clemson Tigers so we joined their league! 

We were definitely disappointed at the Panthers Super Bowl 50 loss but we're not going anywhere as fans. I have been with them through thick and thin...and I mean thin. Like a 1-15 season kinda thin. I made it through the pre-Delhomme years, that last Delhomme year (eyeroll) including Matt Moore coming in at the end (yay!) so I ain't going nowhere. :)

On a non-Panthers note I have't been able to fit into these black jeans in AGES! Thanks Alpha phase of T25! I'm working on my opinions of T25 and I will post on that soon.

Outfit details:
Carolina Panthers tee shirt: gift
Jeans: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Nike


Brian said...

Go Panthers!! :)

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