Aug 18, 2012

First Day at Kindergarten

A little nervous on the way in...


But loosened up when we got into the classroom!

My little man who I was SCARED to death to bring home from the hospital because I thought I would break him is now growing up into full blown kid. I hung out with him for a little while in the classroom then I figured I better go or I would end up staying until lunch time and the teachers would wonder if I was ever going to leave. We said our goodbyes and he was very excited. I watched him do the pledge of allegiance from the hallway and then I waved at the teacher with watery eyes. I choked back tears until I just couldn't hold it in anymore. The lady holding the door going outside asked if I was going to be ok and said "Take a deep breath mom!" I waited until I got to the safety of my car and balled my eyes out. I quickly called my mom and we balled together until we talked ourselves back into reality.

I love you Riley. Have fun on this great adventure you have begun.


Anonymous said...

awww that seems so hard. I don't know how I would be able to handle that. I hoeschool, so I don't need to go through that experience right now, but I would fear it. oh goodness. I am sure he had a great day and will have many more to come!!

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