Dec 29, 2011

Dropping In

Hi all! I am still alive.....just digging out from Christmas-o-rama. I can't lie and say I'm sad it's over. I am glad I survived another year! Brian and I already have some plans for next year and how we can try to save some money instead of ending up with pockets turned out after Santa hits the road. We've got some good ideas and I think we can do it. It would be so awesome to put some money back so we can all take a really nice summer vacation instead of more tangible gifts to unwrap just to turn around and have to find a place to stuff it in the closet. Speaking of intangible gifts, my mom got me one of the best ones ever. A free extreme house cleaning!!! And my future mother-in-law and stepson got started on a bathroom makeover which included stripping wallpaper that was basically crazy glued on. Brian just finished putting a second coat of paint on today so I will have some pictures soon! Me, being the ditz I am, forgot to take before pictures. Meh. Bottom line? It's DONE! Those are really the best kind of gifts ya know? So, yeah, got some notes for next year.
Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. I have been super lazy this week and it doesn't help that the dress code at work is jeans. Almost every day has been tshirt and jeans for me. Which is fine and dandy but I've also been cramming my hair into a twisty bun and minimal makeup.

Minimal makeup + bad hair + sloppy clothes = One Bad Photo

But I will be back on track - maybe even tomorrow! I found some great stuff at the Salvation Army and they will be fresh out of the dryer tonight so I can throw them on tomorrow and over the weekend. Yippie. That will give this ol' stale blog some fresh blood.

Anyway, have a great rest of the week and get ready for the new year! It's going to be a good one for me. I am going to make it a good one by golly!


Brian said...

I understand from a recently watched episode of Sex in the City that twisty bun's are perfectly acceptable "down south". Had a wonderful holidays with you and look forward to a new year. Love you dearly.

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