Dec 8, 2011

Don't Fear Christmas Girl

Dress: Asos,Cardigan: Kohls, Scarf: Thrifted, Tights: Modcloth, Boots: Steve Madden

 We got the littlest tree in the world, I know! But it's just right for us this year. It's a tree that we picked up, threw on the roof of my little car, carried in easily and it was upright in no time. The best part: no furniture rearranging! Yes! Another big plus was that it was small enough for my son to help decorate. Actually, he did 90% of tree decorating. I helped with the lights and garland. It feels like a homespun tree. I got some popcorn and cranberries so we can make some homemade garland. One of the main reasons I cringe at Christmas time is that I know that dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed is right around the corner. While my son and I were digging around in all of the decorations out of the many, many boxes, I mumbled "Christmas" in my best Scrooge voice. Before I could go any farther my son finished my sentence for me and said "is so much fun!" Whoa mom. Had to check myself in that moment. Christmas is the best time of the year for a kid. Before they become tarnished with all the commercialism, people pleasing and debt associated with it as an adult.
This year I took the initiative to not put any unneeded pressure on myself or my family. We are not planning a big party (like last year), I am not decorating to the max (like last year) and the kids presents have already been bought and paid for (unlike the last minute shopping last year). I'm hoping all of this combined together will help. No need to get stressed out at one of the most special times of the year, right silly?!




skippy haha said...

i heart the red tights - there's something elfy about this outfit that is very cute & festive. good luck with your stress-free holidays :)

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