Feb 3, 2011

Ho Hum

Sorry for the absence - guess the title should be "most boring blog right now while I deal with stuff". I have had absolutely no creative juices flowing lately. I know it's because I have been way too busy at work and I feel mentally zapped when it comes to anything beyond that. It's been this way at work since the beginning of December. It's getting a little old now. I'm hoping things will lighten up. Seriously. I can't seem to think of putting a decent outfit together, I'm tired, I'm cranky and just all around boring right now. If it requires any effort, I just shy away from it. Maybe this weekend I can dig down deep and pull something out of my hat. I'm #1) hoping work will balance out #2) keeping my eyes open for other jobs #3) contemplating giving up entirely and living out the Eat Love Pray book word for word. Except the first part. Just skip the first part and start off eating delicious pasta. Actually, just stay in the part of eating pasta. Well...maybe a little Bali wouldn't hurt? Ok Ok You've convinced me. Italy and Bali it is.

To save you from anymore of my ramblings, I will sign off and strive to bring something worthwhile to the table next time. Until then, my little fuzzy peaches, enjoy life!


Brian said...

Life is good. Work, and all the other "not so important" things will work themselves out, in some form or fashion (fashion, get it?).

Love you,

SMD said...

I like being called a fuzzy little peach! Aww I'm sorry to hear things aren't going well. You know the eat pray love idea actually could be quite an adventure...hope you get through things! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thanks you two!

zen said...

I know what you mean about work zapping energy. But so glad you picked up the pen (or computer) to keep the energy flowing. A little bit of creativity creates a little bit more and soon you're back in the saddle!

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