Feb 24, 2011

The Circle

Let me ask you one thing. Is it possible to juggle all that you are responsible for? Or does one or two items/people/tasks/goals always get left behind, shrinking in their importance? Until they revist your mind either by you actually remembering them or worse - being reminded by someone else. I know there are superwomen out there that, on the surface, are juggling a career, kids, boyfriend/husband, hobbies, the gym, blogging, a clean  house, a clean car, grocery shopping, being a chef that continuously comes up with magical recipes that happen to be delicious AND healthy AND on budget, all at the same time.

But I don't think they are really that successful. I do NOT think it is possible. Someone - somehow - in their circle of control is unhappy or something is not quite getting the attention that it deserves. Just when you think you have it under control at work - that you haven't turned into a hairless devil cat that ends up throwing the hot coffee in your snarky coworker's face or that you have actually managed to put 2 healthy dinners on the table so far this week or that you gave your kid a bath, fed him broccoli AND read him a book all in one night - something breaks. And breaks hard. And it was one of those things or people that you totally took for granted. And before you know it you are quickly brought down to reality and reminded that you DO NOT have it all together. Oh no - not even close, sister. You feel kind of shocked at first - like how? How could this have slipped through my fingers? How did this get so bad so fast?

Oh Really?

Considering you didn't get to the gym at all, you haven't even come close to doing any sort of a hobby other than picking out all the blue m&m's, you let your kid go an extra day without a bath because "he" was just too tired and laundry is an afterthought as you comb through your closet to see what wouldn't make a blind man whince if he sensed you coming, you should have had tons of time to focus on that circle of people and goals that are important to you right? Come on!

You would think. It happens. I didn't try hard enough. I guess I will give the circle another try. Here goes.


ltaylor said...

It is the old saying "there is never enough time in one day" When I have the kids before I know it, it's time for me to go to bed. Where did the day go? Then it's time to go back to their daddy. I try to cherish every moment and not focus on how tired I am, or how much they whined, or how bad they were. I mean is it really important in the whole scheme of things. I don't think so.

jfulford said...

wish i could say i never felt your way. but hey, i suppose i could be a couch potato with nothing to look forward to and no one to answer to. every minute of every day is full.

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