Jan 22, 2024

Home Decor Refresh

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With my Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, I finally had to just pull the trigger and spend it! I wasn't really interested in adding more clothes to my closet (that is literally bursting at the seams) so I went with the idea of a little home decor refresh. 

I was in the market for a few new items to dress up a rather empty hallway. I knew I wanted to add some color because, well, I'm just ready for color I guess. I've been mostly decorating with white and black in the living room and kitchen (it's just one open space) for several years. Now it's time for a change up!

I got two new pieces!
  A large green ombre macrame wall hanging and a pretty floral tapestry.

On the left side, I hung the macrame

I love it! I made sure to measure it so it would fit the space perfectly.

On the opposite side, I hung the loral tapestry. I love how the slight shades of green pick up the greens in the macrame.

So cute! I have a little bit of space at the end of the hallway that still needs to be filled. I would love to do some textured pieces...maybe some flat woven art of some sort. I'm going to check the thrift stores for some ideas too.

I bought both of these pieces from Amazon and I will add the links below.

The Green Macrame $36.99

Floral Tapestry $14.99 


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