Mar 7, 2022

Weekend Getaway - Downtown Asheville


Sometimes a weekend getaway in your own hometown is just what you need. We took this little staycation to really focus on the little things we like to do together. Go to coffee shops, eat pastries, read books, window shop and just be in the city. It was a rainy weekend so it wasn't very crowded - which was GREAT - and it made it perfect for sipping cappuccinos. 

We stayed one night at The Cambria and got a great view out to the Grove Arcade. It was delightful people watching and would be perfect spot for reading a book.

First stop was Rowan Coffee. I've been wanting to try this place and after all was said and done we loved this little moody spot the most. 

The Times Bar is beautiful, fancy and sexy! It makes for a better spot for a cocktail than a long visit for coffee. We loved it though.

Next stop was The Rhu for breakfast. Their bakery items are probably some of THE best downtown. I wanted one of everything but I went with this DELICIOUS blueberry fruit tart. OH my. 
We stayed a while and just talked about current events and watched the rain fall.

I was ready to get settled into a coffee shop where we could spread out and stay for the long haul. Sessions Cafe is PERFECT for that. Here we can go upstairs at our favorite table and I can unpack my bag. I like to bullet journal, people watch, read my book on one of their comfy couches and cruise instagram.
They have delicious soups and sandwiches too. I had a little cup of their vegan chili and a piece of a sugar cookie that was AMAZING!

We checked into the hotel around 3:00 and got ready for dinner (fish n' chips) and a comedy show at Asheville Beauty Academy. I've been curious about this spot (used to be Tressa's for those of you that are old timers like me) and wanted to check it out. It was exactly what I was hoping it would be and the comedy show was hilarious, as it should be.

Sunday morning we hit up Tupelo Honey for breakfast (I got the eggs benny) and refueled to do some casual shopping. We checked out and headed home! I was ready to go home and get bundled up under some blankets and get WARM!!!

In case you want to come to AVL or have landed here just out of curiosity of our little town, I have a video of the weekend over on my insta! Check it out! 

Let me know if you've got any questions! I love to give recommendations if you are looking to visit.


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