Jan 11, 2022

Stranger In the Lake by Kimberly Belle


Over the Christmas holidays I found myself without a book and a lot of extra time on my hands. I love to rent books from the library because...the cost savings! Also, storing more books at this point would just be adding more stress to my life. Unfortunately, the library was closed when I realized I didn't have a great book to cuddle up with on New Year's Eve. So I ended up running down to CVS and hoped for the best. I grabbed this little paperback thriller for $9.99 and was pleasantly surprised. It turned out great! 

So good, in fact, that I am going to read the rest of her books! This one had a lot of local mentions of Western North Carolina. The mystery was great, it was not fussy and overly wordy or complicated. Just a good solid mystery with a great ending!


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