May 6, 2016

DIY - The Easiest (Fondant Free) Minecraft Cake Ever

My son loves Minecraft and he asked for a Minecraft kind of cake for his birthday. I thought I would make a Creeper cake but I decided to just make the actual Minecraft Cake itself! I looked on Pinterest for inspiration OF COURSE and then ended up kind of winging it on my own.

I am NOT A BAKER! So this cake is very very simple and uncomplicated! I do not work with fondant. I mean, I would love to, but I really didn't have the time to get into fondant for this cake. He already had one birthday party with all of his friends so this was just a little family get together. We did a big Steve Diamond Sword cupcake cake for his birthday.

My cousin made it and it was awesome and so so so tasty. My little cake was just a runner up filler kind of cake if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you do want to make this cake you will probably do a much better job than me so don't be discouraged!

Since it was so simple on the outside I decided to make it fun on the inside!

I followed the directions and it was easy!

I needed to make a square cake and I did NOT have square pans. So I used two circle cake pans and just trimmed the edges after they were baked and cooled.

I divided the batter up so I could make six colors. The fun part!

Snapchatted the whole thing of course. Follow me at jessicawnc1

You start by pouring in some red, then orange on top of that red, then yellow on top of the orange and so on and so on. It will spread to corners on it's own.

The second pan I went backwards and started with the last color first.

After they baked and cooled I trimmed the circles into squares.

I frosted the bottom layer with a brown colored icing. My son doesn't like chocolate icing or I could've just used chocolate. Instead, I used food coloring to get it as close to brown as I could. See. Told ya! You can probably do a lot better than me!

Then I added the top white icing layer.

I used red gel icing that comes in a tube to make the squares. I didn't get them as sharp edged as I wanted to, but that's where fondant would've helped me. :(

I whipped up some green frosting and put it into a sandwich bag and piped it around the bottom just to make it look a little prettier.

I could've left it just like that but I thought it needed just a little something else. I piped out some squares for grass.

I added some of the Minecraft figurines that my son collects.

All in all I think it turned out pretty cute! I definitely could've had sharper lines on the "cherry" squares and the white icing meeting the brown icing for sure.

Ta da! This is where it sat and waited on him to get home from school. He really liked it and the cake was pretty tasty!

SO in case you are looking for a super easy, quick and non-fondant cake to make your kids - or whoever - on their birthday don't sweat it. If I can make this then you can definitely make it!


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