Jun 1, 2012

One Girl's Smoothie

I've only had about 4 smoothies in my life. Two of those being "The Elvis" from Planet Smoothie which is probably worse than a quarter pounder. I've always wanted to try to be awesome and drink smoothies but the hassle of gathering all the ingredients and dragging out my crappy blender, getting to listen to it churn around and around with the pitch similar to nails on a chalkboard kinda didn't enthuse me.

I thought I would give it another try and this time - try one of those green ones. I do love spinach and I've wondered if you can taste the spinach in those green smoothie thingies.

I was reading over at Annie's Eats and when I saw her recipe I gathered up the ingredients. It seriously took me about 2 weeks to pull it all together. I either didn't have the banana or someone drank all the orange juice by the time I got banana number two or the spinach was rotten by the time I had everything else.

Well, the planets aligned last night and I had everything. My banana was very ripe and so was the pear. Possibility for failure but, I think, made it sweeter. It was delicious! Really shockingly delicious!

Here is Annie's recipe: Green Monster Smoothie

Since my poor little blender can't handle too much at one time, I pureed the pears, bananas, honey and orange juice together first

I was a bit leery at this point. Why did I think it was going to taste like grass?

It didn't taste like grass. Whew.

It was quite yummy. I made it at night and took it for breakfast the next day. I was hoping someone at work would see me and tell me I was awesome.

They didn't.


skippy haha said...

someone on the internet saw it and said you're awesome! that spinach looks super hearty. glad it didn't taste like grass :)

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