Jan 12, 2011

A Different Place and Time

It feels like so long ago but it was just last October when my younger brother got married for the first time to his lovely and beautiful sweetheart, Erica. They had a small, intimate wedding in the backyard at my mom's place. It was the sweetest wedding... I took a few photos for them and I have finally got around to sharing them here. It was a gorgeous autumn day that day - the beautiful, warm sunshine and green grass with the soft, purple mums to catch the sunshine. I sincerely wish them the best of luck. Thank you guys for allowing me to share in your special day. I hope you have so many wonderful years together that when you look at each other you see your best friend looking back. Love you,


maggeygrace said...

Weddings are one of my all time favorite things! That cake looks delightful:)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

aww that's so sweet.

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