Jan 21, 2010

Drifty Sleepy

One of THE best things in life is what I like to call "Drifty Sleepy".

Drifty Sleepy is a feeling and a state of mind. And it happens the most clearest in the morning. Not so much at night. For example, let's say your alarm goes off, wakes you up and you actually start getting out of bed. Eyes open, feet on the ground, the whole bit. But then you decide you're just not quite ready to get up. You lie back down. You close your eyes. That's when Drifty Sleepy makes a visit.

Your eyes roll around your head and feel like there are two, big, soft marshmallows on top of them. Your arms and legs are enveloped in clouds make of Eygptian cotton. Your mind starts to take you on a journey through forests, beaches, visits with old friends, magic carpet rides and cotton candy trampolines. Your body is numb, your mind feels fuzzy and your eyelids feel as though they are glued together. It is so easy to go back to sleep during Drifty Sleepy. But Drifty Sleepy itself is so good that you can hardly let go.


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