Nov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

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And while you are digesting your turkey and spilling lots of drinks while you cheer on your favorite football team (GO PANTHERS!) enjoy some fun internet reading to bring you back down to earth...or not. Heck. You know what? Just sit back, rub your belly and read on...

What to do with the leftovers? 

Watch this funny SNL skit about how a little bit of Adele...fixes everything. Even on Thanksgiving.

the NFL game lineup for turkey day

Have you seen this dollhouse than Mandi is building! I WANT ONE!

In the works: a post on this lady's drool worthy handmade jewelry!

Cool list for Most Awesome Christmas Toys for Kids

Sally over at Already Pretty shares a great workout you tube channel - Jessica Smith TV

Stay up to date with cool Asheville things here

Speaking of local...HOTELS! Ugh.

Cool gifts on Etsy for under $25

I've become a podcast FREAK! You too? I have so many that I love. Some are in hiatus right now and I'm anxiously awaiting their return. In the meantime, here are my (current) top 5: Undisclosed, Lore, Radio Diaries, Missing Maura Murray, and 99% Invisible.

I'm totally addicted to this game Two Dots!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have an attitude of gratitude!


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