Jan 20, 2013

Saturday Hike Girl

The hubs, Josie and I went on a early hike Saturday morning. The air was crisp and cool when we started and warm and sunny when we finished. Josie loves her little fancy pink coat. I think it's pretty safe to say that she is shinin' bright like a diamond. This is her ready and raring to go:

pretty frosty

Let's go!

Such a pretty hike - it is an easy trail with a few inclines and rocks. It was perfect for us to get our feet wet and get some practice for a more challenging trail soon.

I wore thermal for my first layer, then a sweater and my Mountain Hardware jacket on top. A breathable scarf that wasn't too scratchy, some baggy jeans and my Hitec hiking boots. I was very comfortable for the hike. I did have a small raw spot on the back of my left foot. I will have to wrap that up with some moleskin next time to protect it. It might just be a rubbing spot on the boot. I did pick up a new pair of wool socks after the hike. Maybe that will help. I am looking at some low top Keen's that might be a little bit better, but I do like the high top for helping to not roll an ankle or, god forbid, a snake situation in the spring.


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