Oct 13, 2015

Gold Accents at Home {DIY}

Nothing groundbreaking here! Just a small tweak to make a boring set of candle holders a little sweeter! 

I have done a little bit of redecorating in our living room after we finally got a new couch - YAY!

 and I noticed these little black candle holders were looking just a wee bit sad. I knew I wanted to add gold accents but I didn't have any gold paint. I wasn't going to let that stop me. I remembered I had some gold fingernail polish! Perfect!

Look at that beat up candle holder. It already needed help! Let's face it; I ain't got fancy schmancy stuff over here guys.

I started painting and realized I needed to move this party outside. Wooo! Fumes! Need....fresh....air...

It took a couple of coats but I liked streaky look. This is what it looked like after two coats.

Looks good to me! 

I quickly added some gold polka dot washi tape just to see how it would look. I'm ok with it for now. Might change it up again soon. The tape doesn't wrap around a cylinder easily.


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