Jun 9, 2013

Frazzled Peach Girl

Top & Skirt: Thrifted, Sandals: Target

This pretty little tree was just begging for attention. It is on this lonely, abandoned lot near an old manufacturing plant that is completely deserted. So I showed it some love. 
An update on the stay at home aspect of my life....It is hard. Very hard. It wasn't hard when the boys were in school for half a day. I got all of my cleaning, grocery shopping, household chores and errands done before they got out of school. But Thursday and Friday just felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants and I felt severely unproductive all day. 
I've realized the solution to my problem is...planning. Schedules. Writing down or typing up what I would like to get done AT SOME POINT that day. And not going overboard. I know I am only one person but I have to wear the hats of cook, maid, playmate, wife and mom. All of those things are like...different. When I went to work I was just the payroll girl. I just did payroll. I didn't clean my house - I paid someone else to. I cooked, but I didn't really put a lot of planning into it. We would eat out a lot. I was still mom but I wasn't so much of the playmate. At least not for all day. Part of what I am dealing with is that I DON'T have to be his playmate all day. Well, and the fact that I just can't. 
Are you a stay at home mom? What is your schedule? How do you not feel bad about taking time out from the kids or the house to do something you want to do?
I guess the good thing is that we are not lacking in ideas or things to do! We have a full schedule, really. It is just getting it all in. Without killing each other.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful outfit. I love the shirt's design.
I hope your planning and scheduling goes better. I am a stay-at-home mom and am pretty good at scheduling. My boys have adjusted and know what to expect throughout the day and if I am running behind they actually will remind me of what needs to be done sometimes.

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