Sep 3, 2014

Warby Parker {Fall Collection}

Don't get me wrong. I'm all about being sad that summer is winding down. But I LOVE fall fashion. I love the colors and the richness that comes with transitioning into fall. Winter - that's another story. That's pretty much full on hate. Throw a stressful holiday right there in the middle and it's the perfect recipe for "hurry-up-spring". 

Fall collections are another reason to love fall. Transition time! Even though I am not an eyeglasses wearer I know some of you guys are. I love to pass along cute styles to you when I find them. Let's take a minute here and look at Warby Parker's Fall Collection

Let's play around with some fashion! I loved the look of the Greenleaf and the Coley. Here's how I would style them up for fall!

Warby Parker - Greenleaf

Warby Parker - Coley


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