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Jul 25, 2014

More Comfortable Girl

Top: Thrifted (Goodwill), Shorts: Family Dollar, Sandals: Chadwicks, Hat: some little beach shop in SC, Necklace: Rugged Warehouse

What did I forget when I went to the beach? My sun hat. Yep. I refused to buy one down there because I've done that twice already. Two other times I've had to buy an overpriced sun hat at a tourist trap. So I just flat out refused this time. I stayed pretty lathered up in sunscreen too.

I don't normally process my photos this much but I couldn't help it. I love how this vintage filter gives it an Arizona or desert feel. I hope you don't mind. I think it makes for some nice depth in the picture.

More comfortable? Well, that is in reference to the fact that I am wearing shorts here. You will rarely see me in shorts but I am trying to embrace my shape, my legs and my thighs with a little more love. Sure they are not the thighs of my teenage self but they are mine and they are in good working order! I need to be thankful. Of course black shorts are very forgiving and keep it on the dressier side. I've accepted that I have cellulite and it ain't going anywhere. I think these black shorts are at a comfortable length for me. I did cut off a pair of jeans recently and I feel like they are just a little too short. I find myself just a little too wiggly in them which is sure sign that they are too short. If you are tugging at them and wishing they would pull down a little bit, then they're too short. Bummer.

Do you wear shorts? Do you feel comfortable in them?

Jul 23, 2014

On the Coast Girl

Dress: Free via Craigslist listing (local college dorm room cleanout), Belt: Thrifted, Sandals: Target (old and almost falling apart and I'm sad about that)

Our annual beach trip is never complete without a trip to the Cherry Grove Pier. We always get a family photo here. But guess what? When I got home and downloaded all the photos I cannot seem to find the one of us all together. I don't know if it somehow got deleted from the card when I let my son use the camera for a little while or if the card spazzed out. I was having trouble with the memory card so that might be it. Ugh. 

Now about this dress. I am not a fan of the hi-lo dress. Had this not been a dress for zero dollars and completely free, I would've definitely passed on it. But since it was not costing me a dime I thought I would give it a try. I figured the beach would be a great place to wear something strapless and ruffled. It was. It fit right in. I still don't know about the mullet cut dress. I just don't feel great in it. I'll keep this guy around though because it's white and I love white. It came with a built in slip and that makes me happy too.

There is no need at all in trying to do my hair when I am at the beach. It stayed pulled back 24/7. I added some red lipstick to this outfit to give it a little bit of pop and to give it a little more dressier feel. 

and some family fun...

Caught a big one but we'll just throw it back!

complete silliness

Jul 17, 2014

Try Try Again Girl

Top: Thrifted "Danskin" trimmed and DIY tribal pattern drawn on by me, Jeans: Thrifted "Lee Curvy", Minnetonka Moccasins: Ebay

Remember this pin and when I tried it the first time? Supposedly you could make your own tribal tee shirt by drawing on it with a fabric pen and using some clever placement of masking tape. If you remember, the first time I attempted this I used an old white tee shirt and I made lots of smudges with the fabric marker. Well I am happy to say that this go round was a big success! I don't know if it was the fact that the tee shirt was gray or just a better texture on the tee shirt itself. I love this one so much better than my first one! 

I chose not to cut the sleeves the way the tutorial showed. She had cut the sleeves and then tied them in little knots. When I did that it made the arm holes too tight. I like this way better. I simply cut the neck out just right around the trim. I cut the hem off the sleeves and the bottom. I did still follow her instructions on how to cut it a little higher in the front and lower in the back. I like a hi/lo tee shirt. Makes it a little more dressier.

This is one of those pins I definitely recommend trying. It's easy and inexpensive. Just use a gray tee shirt (like the directions already said! duh)

Jul 7, 2014

Minimalist Girl

Tee: Charlotte Russe, Denim Skirt: Thrifted (Goodwill), Sandals: Aldo, Bag: Charming Charlie's

The hubby and I got a chance recently to walk around downtown Asheville and go at a leisurley pace throughout our day. It was wonderful! We ate lots of delicious food including a lunch at Farm Burger, which is a place I have been wanting to try. Check out this little vintage shabby chic store behind me. Ahh I just wanted to live in the store! It was just so perfect. It's called Garage 34 if you want to swing by. Lovely things.

I went minimal with my outfit. I tried to just keep it relaxed. I used just a primer for makeup and did beach waves with my hair. 

Just some pretty things....

Jun 30, 2014

Most Chic Girl

Jumpsuit: Goodwill, Sandals: Chadwicks

I love how a simple jumpsuit is instantly chic and stylish. As usual, I was in a rush to get out the door and go to my stepson's high school graduation and I had just gotten out of the shower with wet hair and no time for a fussy outfit. No time for fussy hair either so I went with Heidi braids. We stopped by one of the beautiful churches in downtown Asheville for some photos. I got some great pics of the hubby too so he could update his Linked In & work profiles with some professional shots. They turned out great. The architecture of this old church is just, well, grand. I need to spend more time downtown just enjoying the architecture.  I took an art class in college that focused a lot on Asheville architecture and I've never forgotten about the things I've learned. I get excited to learn the stories behind the buildings themselves. I need to rekindle that excitement!

And if you're like me, when you do get excited, you do the running man.

Jun 27, 2014

Black White and Red All Over Girl

Top: Walmart, Pants: Goodwill, Sandals: Target, Necklace: Flea Market

I love me some good crazy pants let me tell you. I got these and thought, "I'll just wear them around the house"... And then low and behold I'm wearing them out in public. I slapped a necklace on and some red lipstick so my pajamas looked like acceptable clothes. Did it work? I'm not sure but I'm an old lady and I don't care. My 30 cats are just out of the frame off prowling in the grass.

Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?

Jun 16, 2014

Green with Envy Girl

Blouse: Vintage, Trousers: NY&Co, Heels: Target (old), Scarf: Vintage

I'm back down at Faye's! I got an itch do go a little retro the day I needed to go to my son's awards ceremony. I had this outfit set aside for a little while because I finally took the pants in to get them taken up in the waist. They never have fit well in the waist but I just never got around to taking them in. Finally I did and I am so happy that they are done. I love love love the color green and these pants are perfect for summer. Especially with my knee still being a problem. It still swells and hurts from the car accident a few months back. I have to wear a brace and pants hide the brace well. Also, I am not wearing my arm splint/cast here but not because I am free of it all together but I just go without it from time to time. 

I loved this outfit and it renewed my love for vintage and pinup hairstyles!

Anyway! Let me show you this cute little pin curl I learned how to do with my bangs. It totally helps that "growing out the bangs" period. I found a video on you tube and just knew I had to try it. I made a video too so I could show you how to do it. It's so crazy easy!!!

Pin curl close up!